Thursday, September 1, 2011

The GOP Hates Free Elections

Rolling Stone reports the GOP has been making a big push to disenfranchise voters leading up to the 2012 elections. They use the myth of widespread voter fraud as a justification, but it would be hard to determine exactly how most of these would reduce the nearly nonexistent fraud. 


- Creating Barriers to Voter Registration. In Florida a voting drive organization can be subject to $1,000 fine and criminal charges if they do not turn in the required paperwork within 48 hours of obtaining the voter registration. Why in a "free" democracy would a state make it harder to get citizens to register? Because as Republicans themselves have admitted, when voters turn out in great numbers, Republicans lose their ability to win elections.

- Reducing Early Voting Opportunities. Several states have reduced the duration of early voting and in both Ohio & Florida, it is now illegal to vote early on the Sunday before the election. Why? Because that's the day black churches mobilize their members to be active particpants in our democratic process. And, of course, African Americans are more likely to vote Democratic.  

- Photo ID Requirements. This is a red herring issue, because federal law already requires a photo ID, but in several states they are making the ID requirement even more strict than federal law. Why? Students and minorities are less likely to have proper photo IDs (in Texas university student IDs don't qualify) and are more likely to vote Democratic.

- Disenfranchisement of Former Convicts. Several states have overturned laws allowing ex-cons to vote. Why should they be denied their right as a citizen if they've already paid their debt to society? Because they tend to vote Democratic. 

This is systematic crminal activity on the part of the GOP as they attempt to deny American citizens the right to vote. And yet they dress it in the defense of freedom. 

Remember, Rock the Vote. Love the Little Guy.


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