Wednesday, December 8, 2010

World Press Freedom Day 2011!

Without a hint of irony, yesterday (Tuesday, 7 December 2010) the State Department announced the U.S. would host World Press Freedom Day 2011 with a commemoration entitled, "21st Century Media: New Frontiers, New Barriers".

I particularly like this statement embedded in the 2nd paragraph:  we are concerned about the determination of some governments to censor and silence individuals, and to restrict the free flow of information. 

Also yesterday a U.S. State Department official called the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs warning students not to discuss WikiLeaks on Facebook or Twitter so they didn't hurt their job prospects. The State Department has since denied the communication, but Columbia has confirmed they received a call from an alum who is a State Department employee.

The U.S. State Department had previously banned its employees from viewing WikiLeaks.

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